Safadore Safadore is an Imaginary Art Fair that has been held annually since 2005 at Le Mont-Dore in Auvergne - France. It was born from the chance meeting of Roger Erasmy, a fan of Salvador Dali with a facsimile of the Apocalypse book, in part illustrated by the surrealist painter. It has been printed by the Parisian publisher Joseph Forêt, a native of Mont-Dore. When he died, he had bequeathed the facsimile of the Apocalypse to his hometown. Eager to value the existence of this sumptuous object, Roger Erasmy convinced Mr. Jean-François Dubourg, Lord Mayor of Le Mont-Dore, to organize a major cultural event that would be part of the fantastic spirit of the Apocalypse as well as the surrealist art of Salvador Dali. This is how Safadore was born. Following the death of Roger Erasmy at the end of 2015, two artists, painters and exhibition organizers, Bruno Altmayer and Michel Barthélemy, accepted to take over as curators, and to select exhibitors for the February 2017 edition, as well as for the years to come.


Espace Joseph-Forêt and at the City Hall of Le Mont-Dore