Art en Capital 2014 'The horse in all states'

Art en Capital 2014 'The horse in all states' The horse is an animal which is helping humans for milleniums in their work, travels, leisure and even on the battlefields. It provides its speed and endurance. It impresses for ever those who had never seen a rider before and who assimilate him to a strange animal. It is a Centaur, the horse-human on earth or the Sagittarius in the sky, the one with wings, Pegasus. Not to forget the mysterious young lady, on a horse adorned with an unique horn in the middle of the forehead, wild and independent unicorn, symbol of purity, feminity and loyalty... Adopting a new vision, the artists offer a kaleidoscope of the horse in all states. Lukáš Kándl


Salon Comparaisons - Art en Capital, Grand Palais, avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris,