An Intimate Journey,
A Unique Expertise

This mysterious artistic universe, rooted in the far reaches of Central Europe, presents itself as an exploration: of the culture that permeates our civilization, of the imagination that discovers new worlds, of the technique that renews itself and is passed down from the origins of humankind.

From Tradition to Innovation

From her artist parents, painters and well-known art restorers, her education at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and her passion for the techniques of the old masters, Eli Tiunine has managed to marry the most refined ingredients that art and culture have to offer. Her carrier and choices give her painting a character that is both unique and deeply European, making her work a true celebration of the artistic heritage of the continent.

From Resistance to Contestation

Leaving a communist regime, remaining faithful to figurative painting in the face of the financialization of contemporary art and claiming her femininity in an art world dominated by men and corporatism, she presents, through her position as a painter, an expression of resistance and social protest. Her work thus embodies the defense of an authentic art, committed and free from all constraints, allowing the transmission of positions of courage and perseverance.

A Unique Space

Eli Tiunine invites you to come and explore a glimpse of her work in her studio, located in Bétheny, near Reims. A permanent exhibition is organized there and accessible throughout the year by appointment.

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A Sample of Art to Browse Through

Dive into a self-published album showcasing a selection of Eli Tiunine's works, focused on femininity. Be captivated by a series of enchanting paintings, revealing the artist's talent and sensitivity.

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